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A Special Let it Be Event

Let it Be continues to provide a safe, sacred and celebratory space for women (and men during these special events) who are seeking to dive deeper into what our 'new normal' is here to teach us. There is a knowing. There is a calling. It's time to accept the call.

Over the past 8 months, we have explored and shared. We have laughed, we have cried. We've discovered what brings us joy, what brings us grief. We've discovered the weaknesses that hold us back. We've turned those weaknesses into personal power. 

We've been honored to have Dalannah Gail Bowen as our special guest and wise woman for a couple of events over the summer. Dalannah is back again during the next full (cold) moon, this coming Wednesday, December 30! 

During this event, Dalannah will also be guiding participants through a special Medicine Bag process to begin our 2021 with power, grace, and intention.


This event is open to all. (Yes, men, too!)

Join our Zoom circle and be lovingly guided by Vancouver's own, the formidable,

Dalannah Gail Bowen . (More below about this phenomenal woman.)

Event Details


FULL MOON Gathering and Medicine Bag Intentions 

with special Guest, DALANNAH! 

When: WEDNESDAY, December 30, 2020 at 6 pm PST

Where: In your comfy home with a warm cup of tea!

RSVP to laura@laurasimonson.com

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About Dalannah Gail Bowen

She's born of African-Canadian/Cherokee heritage and she's 74.


She was a member of one of the first North American all-female bands starting for greats such as, "The Guess Who" and "The Monkees".

She's a singer-songwriter, poet, actress, play writer, storyteller, event producer, and social activist.


She uses her music to make a bold statement about injustice and inequality.


She's celebrated as the 'Canadian Matriarch of the Blues Scene'.


She's been given 'The Key to The City' and Dec. 11th was officially declared "Dalannah Gail Bowen Day" by the Mayor and Council of Vancouver, B.C.


She's an International Memphis Blues Awards semi-finalist and a Blues Hall of Fame Master Blues Artist.


She has survived homelessness, addiction, a heart attack, and 3 strokes!

She is Dalannah!

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About Let it Be

Let it Be started as a way to connect women to a safe and sacred space during this (2020!) evolutionary time in our world. It's growing organically through meaningful and important conversations with an aim to dig deeper into what we all truly desire - individually and collectively - and as we build our new communities and world. 

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