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Hello, beautiful.

A bit about Let it Be

2020! What an extraordinary and unprecedented time in our lives and the history of our world. With this disruption to our 'normal', we're suddenly being called to take a deep look at our lives, relationships, careers, and more. It's unsettling, to say the least. 


Just prior to this 'new normal', I was preparing to launch my company, Virchew, through events in Vancouver and online, however, the events could not happen for the obvious reason. I was given a very strong nudge from my intuition to begin online events. Not just promotional or educational events specifically for Virchew, but connection events for women who wanted to just 'let it be' by sharing, caring and feeling all of the emotions during this time in history.


And, as you may know, Virchew is not just an awesome new company for dogs and their humans. A large part of Virchew's foundation is a platform for inspiring women through important things such as self-awareness, diversity, equality, social justice, business start-up, and plant-based living.

So, I reached out to two phenomenal women who have made a profound difference in my life, Katharina Kunz and Jennifer Steed. Katharina and Jennifer are powerhouses with more talents, certifications, and skills than I could possibly list. You may know them, however, if not, I feel you're going to fall in love with them, too. I asked them to join me and begin Zoom conversations during this time of chaos and opportunity. 


Our intentions for Let it Be ?

  • To connect with other women through comforting, calming and courageous conversations

  • To share what we have all learned through decades of personal (and professional) valleys and victories

  • To fill our cups with inspiring and loving ideas

  • To hear from a member of our circle each week on chosen topics

  • And most importantly, to share our heartfelt thoughts, challenges, and inspirations

And this is exactly what's happened over the past 4 months of Let it Be Zoom events!

An evolution of Let it Be...

Here's one of the areas that is a natural evolution for Let it Be. During this time and most recently, we're collectively uncovering one of our world's deepest wounds - racism. Sparked by yet another tragic, senseless death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has seen historical protests around the globe. 

We've all breathed in the poison of racism. It's in us. It was taught to us. We're not born with it, but without a doubt, it's our own responsibility to confront the beliefs we hold to release the poison that's keeping racism alive - in US. I feel it's also up to us, especially privileged Canadian women, to do all we can for the empowerment and equality of our Indigenous sisters and sisters of all colors. Whether it's small acts of kindness or advocating new laws, I believe we have the collective power to banish racism. It's time to join hands and lock arms, with love.

I decided one of the first things I can do is invite women to gather, to listen and learn from women who have endured racism and somehow, have not only survived, but thrived. 

Our first special event was with the formidable, Dalannah Gail Bowen, a celebrated Vancouver singer-songwriter, poet, actress, play writer, storyteller, event producer, and social activist. She uses her music to make a bold statement about injustice and inequality. 

Watch for upcoming events in 2021 by joining our mailing list. Just send me an e-mail to and I'll be sure to add your name.

Thanks for visiting here, I truly wish to meet you someday soon. 

Peace, love, dogs,


A Gift from Katharina

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