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"By challenging canine nutrition norms, Laura Simonson’s Virchew has emerged as a game-changing powerful new paradigm."

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Virchew’s Laura Simonson to Question the Impact of Canine Nutrition on Humanity
and Our Planet at Vancouver's Planted Expo 2023
By challenging canine nutrition norms, Laura Simonson’s Virchew has emerged as a
game-changing powerful new paradigm.

(May 18, 2023 – Vancouver, British Columbia) - Founder and CEO of Virchew, Laura Simonson, will present as a Key Speaker at Planted Expo on Saturday, May 27, alongside boundary-pushing vegan entrepreneurs, doctors, authors, and sports luminaries, including Olympic athletes Meagan Duhamel and Dotsie Bausch.

Presenting an innovative and thought-provoking approach to canine health, Simonson will posit the question: ‘A Vegan Diet for Dogs: What if it’s a Game Changer?’. Drawing from over 30 years of research and experience, Simonson aims to inspire the audience to think outside culturally ingrained dog diet norms. Her message will take a deeper look into the impact that humanity’s best friend could have on our collective evolution from shocking pet food facts to senseless disease, massive healthcare costs, climate change, and our emotional and social well-being.

Simonson says, “Why is our dog’s diet important? If dogs and cats had their own country, it would rank 5th in global meat consumption. So I founded Virchew alongside a team of extraordinary professionals to directly counteract this devastating statistic and provide sustainable dietary solutions. Virchew is a 100% plant-based product that uses highly nutritious, lightly processed Canadian and North American non-GMO ingredients - supported by their industry-first veterinary programs and partnerships - creating a powerful new paradigm in canine nutrition for humanity’s best friend.”

Stevan Mirkovich, Co-Owner and Chief Relational Officer of, says, “For this event, we have created a speaker schedule where those already involved in this lifestyle can discover deeper ways to connect with their health and advance their nutritional knowledge while those new to this lifestyle can learn how easy it is to transition to a plant-based diet.”

At Planted Expo, attendees will be invited to visit the Virchew at Booth 437, where team members will offer product details and samples and sign up those interested in transitioning their dogs to a plant-based diet.

Simonson shares: “We are the first woman-owned and financed plant-based brand for dogs supported by groundbreaking veterinary nutrition programs that focus on dietary solutions for common health issues in dogs. Our direct-to-consumer and vertical business model, unique foods, and timely entry into a fast-expanding marketplace have seen our customer base triple and very promising sales growth in 2022. We are excited to expand to international distribution by 2024.”

On the horizon for Virchew is the launch of their new product offering, which is a groundbreaking combination of Virchew’s proprietary blend of powerful plant-based ingredients that are an industry first and the roll-out of a partnership sales platform for veterinarians and retailers that is a game-changer for the pet food industry.

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