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A Special Let it Be Event

Let it Be continues to provide a safe, sacred and celebratory space for women (and men during these special events) who are seeking to dive deeper into what our 'new normal' is here to teach us. There is a knowing. There is a calling. It's time to accept the call.

Over the past 13 months, we have explored and shared. We have laughed, we have cried. We've discovered what brings us joy, what brings us grief. We've discovered the weaknesses that hold us back. We've turned those weaknesses into personal power. 

We're honored to announce that Mary-Jo Fetterly is our special guest presenter for our next special event!

During this event, Mary-Jo will be guiding participants through a Full Moon ceremony to uplift us during these extraordinary times. 


This event is open to all. (Yes, men, too!)

Join our Zoom circle and be lovingly guided by Vancouver's own, the truly amazing,

Mary-Jo Fetterly. (More below about this extraordinary woman.)

Event Details

FULL MOON Gathering with special Guest, Mary-Jo Fetterly! 

When: THURSDAY, May 27, 2021 at 6 pm PST

Where: In your comfy home with a tasty cup of tea!


I'll add you to the Zoom Invitation. And please share this with your sister friends.

From Mary-Jo - What to expect and how to prepare: 

Dear Goddess Sisters,

We are coming upon an auspicious Sagittarius Full Moon in a very remarkable time. If ever there were a time to batten down the hatches and bring out all of the skills and resources, that time is now. No time for deadweight, indecision, or misalignment. 

We are all being called and provided at this time with the cosmological logistics to do a huge evolutionary reset to a higher vibration. 

How can we live in the higher vibrations of joy, peace, gratitude, fulfillment, intuition, community, purpose, satisfaction, freedom, and love?

In other words, how can we live our best life? Isn’t that the question that we all ask ourselves?

The simple answer to that is yes we can, when we are aligning with our Higher Self and life purpose, or from the yoga tradition our - Dharma 

In a similar model to Maslow’s great “Hierarchy of Human Needs,” our life path is driven by needs or desires. There are four main desires (which we will introduce then) according to the Vedas, an ancient Yoga text, highly revered in India. 

Just like a tomato seed that’s put into the soil, will grow exactly that particular type of tomato seed planted,  say a “Sun Gold” cherry tomato. So too, you were planted here to do a particular type of service to contribute to the evolutionary life force. “Being disconnected from your life‘s purpose leads to pain and to any number of dysfunctional ways of coping, including depression, addiction, fragmented relationships, spending spree’s or simply living what Henry David Thoreau described as a life of “quiet desperation”. On the other hand, nothing is more essential to the feeling of fulfilling your inherent quest for achieving a life of lasting fulfillment than knowing your life‘s purpose and allowing  it to guide you.” Rod Stryker

In order to tune into that, we are going to delve into our higher Self and access it. Next, we will look at the compromised developmental patterns. There are five “Personality Patterns” that are largely responsible for the defense mechanisms which we likely developed in response to an unmet developmental need. 

These five personality patterns that Maslow and other developmental psychologists discovered can end up pretty much running the show and, you guessed it, distract us from our greater purpose, fulfillment, and gifts. 

Remember Sherry Lukey's great presentation last full moon, where she used the analogy of the big exercise ball and the small little marble. In her example, the exercise ball represents our subconscious which is pretty much our main operating system, and the small little marble representing our higher mind, our intuition-intellect (present moment awareness).

In this May 26 Full Moon (we'll be meeting at 6 pm PST on Thursday, May 27) ritual, we will look at our life’s work/purpose through the lens of the ”Dharma code”. We will discern the five personality patterns and which one(s) we may be using, and then access - through the 5 Kosha layers of Embodiment our Higher Self, and lastly, do a cleansing/clearing using “Theta Healing” on old patterns/habits that no longer serve us.

Things are especially significant and pivotal on this Full Super moon and Lunar Eclipse as the process of release is accelerated.  Treat yourself to a big reboot and use the power of this auspicious moon to allow the old outdated to fall away through: dissolution of density, dissolution of attachment, and dissolution of contraction, to then Align with your creative, mystical Self. 

About Mary-Jo Fetterly

Mary-Jo excel’s where human engagement is emphasized and people’s capacities and potential are cultivated. She is passionate about personal development, diversity and inclusion, especially after becoming paralyzed 18 years ago, with two young teens.

Certified in Energy Anatomy with Carolyn Myss, and Masters in Tantra from Rod Styker, her current role’s as Certified Health Coach and Yoga & Mindfulness teacher/therapist, highlight her diverse skills that straddle from human relations to designing the written programs that translate ideas into reality. Mary-Jo’s position with the University of Toronto has involved building the frameworks, then administering coaching and Mindfulness programs to the disabled SCI community. In addition to creating and building businesses – cafés, yoga studios and national training programs, she is an UG student (U of Waterloo)of Social Work/Social Development.

It is her belief that if we make a way, we find a way that will include everybody even those who don’t think they can – because we can. Mary-Jo thinks green, acts locally, lives sustainably, and strives to leave the world a better place.

Discover more about Mar-Jo at

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About Let it Be

Let it Be started as a way to connect women to a safe and sacred space during this (2020-21!) evolutionary time in our world. It's growing organically through meaningful and important conversations with an aim to dig deeper into what we all truly desire - individually and collectively - and as we build our new communities and world. 

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