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A Special Let it Be Invitation!

Are you feeling it? The rumblings of desire for your wild, unfiltered, expansive, and expressive SELF? Is this desire rising stronger in your soul each day while your roots of deep connection to Mother Earth yearn for bare feet?

Come one and all to the ultimate annual Wild Woman Retreat held by Katharina Kunz and
Jennifer Steed, founders of, 'Deep Ecology of the Feminine'.

Cradled in the pristine, crystalline mountains of the West Kootenays you will be held by soulful sisters and the great Mother Earth for a joyous, dynamic, deeply healing, and memorable retreat into yourself with a sacred circle of women.

Choose to live off-grid for a few days filled with both personal space and with events... all
custom-designed to bring back vitality, joy, inner peace, self-expression, insight, creativity, and sisterhood.

These are pivotal times, there has been no other moment more sacred and urgent to unplug while diving into the very real, raw, and wild SELF. To nourish and refill ourselves on all levels for the marathon that is life.

This invitation is being offered first to the women of Let it BE online circle and to sisters far and wide thereafter. You will be eternally grateful you cleared the decks and made this happen!

Event Details


Location :


Johnsons Landing Retreat Center, BC

(2 hours north of Nelson, BC)


Driving Directions: To be forwarded and carpooling encouraged amongst women coming. Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver presently represented. **NOTE** Ainsworth Hotsprings, Kaslo, Nelson, Yasodhara Ashram, Halcyon, and Nakusp hot springs and more attractions are within 2 hours of the center. We highly recommend carpooling from distances such as Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, or the Okanagan if possible. As we confirm registrants we can help facilitate carpooling options for all the obvious good reasons to share the trip.

Arrival:  Thursday, August 13th from 4 pm - 6 pm (preferred and arrival before dark important due to the rural road)

Departure: Sunday, August 16th from 2 - 4 pm (latest)

Accommodations package to date:

Camping sites with shared washrooms/showers available. As we are sharing the retreat center with a proposed Tai chi camp we will fill the camping section first. Other options will likely come open closer to our dates such as cabins, lodge, tipi, or tree houses. These will be arranged directly with Richard Ortega or Angela Ortega from the center. Each choice has different prices.

See the Johnson's Landing website for more on the accommodation selections aside from camping, which again is our first offering.

Nurturing Food and Diet:


Includes 3 vegetarian meals daily, beverages, and snacks, sauna, use of entire grounds, and common spaces for classes per person.

**Special dietary considerations will be discussed individually as needed. Registration forms will include the gathering of your information.**

Accommodation pricing:


Before August 1st save the $30 booking fee, pay $252 inc. GST.

After August 1st with the $30 booking fee pay $282 inc. GST.

To be paid by check mailed to:

Johnson's Landing Retreat Center
RR1 S4 C31 Kaslo. B.C. V0G 1M0

Or by credit card only by phone 1-250-366-4402

**All accommodations paid directly to the center.**
**This does not include any facilitation or leadership fees.**

Retreat Payment:


The “Dana” system of gifting the facilitators/guides for the retreat. This is a Buddhist practice whereby each participant is prepared to ‘gift’ at the end of the retreat what they can bear and what they feel the value has been. This is anonymous, done in envelopes passed to each or a facilitator duo. Most retreats suggest from $75-150 per day.

Jennifer and Katharina will be guiding, organizing, creating, and holding space with opportunities for open times to share amongst the group. Some women have volunteered to share some knowledge, practices, or experiences as part of the event; please email either Jennifer or Katharina if this is something you wish to do. We will sort out the timing, length of the time frame needed, and any relevant details. This doesn’t have to be a formal workshop and there are about 4 spaces open at this time.


1. Respond to this event page (or email) to confirm your attendance.

2. You will receive a registration form and questions re. Diet and Health.

3. Contact Johnson's Landing Retreat Centre to choose and secure accommodations.

4. Make driving/travel arrangements and communicate them directly to Jennifer Steed via
email -

5. Prepare and open up to a transformative time; pivotal and peace-filled all at once.

About Deep Ecology of the Feminine

With a combined life and knowledge base of over 50 years in - holistic fitness, body-mind-soul connection, nutritional and herbal health practises for women, thai and therapeutic/deep tissue massage, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, retreats, ecstatic dance and sacred ceremony - you will be loved up and supported in a depth of rejuvenation like never before. 

About Jennifer Steed


Most often, Jennifer Steed is mentioned with yoga, dance, and mindfulness experiences. A passionate lover, learner, and teacher of all things yoga and spiritual, ecstatic, and adventurous Jennifer is a maverick born to a maverick and full of spirit and spunk. 

Presently living in Edmonton AB, Jennifer is from Nelson BC - a true mountain girl at heart. She is mother to Olivia Rose who is 15 years old. She is bilingual and speaks Spanish, having spent over 25 years in Mexico and other Latin countries. Jennifer is formally trained in massage therapy, integrative nutrition, yoga (various lineages and focuses), yoga trapeze, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens.  

Often irreverent, humorous and always very sincere Jennifer was born to serve the heart, live her vibrancy, and share her talents widely.  She has worked and traveled all over the world as a facilitator and retreat leader.  She has led approximately 62 retreats!

Also a survivor of episodic severe depression and anxiety she is a living example of resilience and creative living.


About Katharina Kunz


Katharina Kunz is the owner of  She offers a holistic approach to optimizing health and joyful living through her 25 years of experience as a personal fitness coach. Throughout that time she also became certified in Thai therapy, comprehensive health (nutrition and wellness) coaching, and integrative practices. 

Katharina believes after her many years working with hundreds of people; "We are designed to align with the force of our own evolution. We're organic beings; meaning we have the ability to transform, heal, and enhance our physical bodies. However, this does not happen in isolation. The most evolved choices benefit not only our physicality but also our mental, emotional, and energy/spirit bodies. How we think and feel is equally important as how we eat, move, and sleep.  We can create our life by design...on purpose and with purpose."


About Let it Be

Let it Be started as a way to connect women during this (2020!) evolutionary time in our world. It's growing organically through meaningful and important conversations with an aim to dig deeper into what we all want individually and collectively as we build our new communities and world. 

Click here to learn more


And please get in touch with me  (Laura Simonson) if you want to be added to our mailing list to receive an invitation to one of our comforting and inspiring Zoom Circle events.

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